ApexSec is a unique automated security analysis product for Oracle APEX

ApexSec performs security scans of APEX applications from 3.x through to 23.2.

  • The ApexSec interface shows detailed information about the threats, allowing developers to quickly understand the areas that need to be secured.

“Small company, big integrity.” – Oracle

“ApexSec will give SkillBuilders customers immediate access to the industry leading APEX security tool, the tool used and lauded by the Oracle’s internal APEX development team” – David Anderson, Founder and President of SkillBuilders

“I can see it (ApexSec) being definitely a must-have tool not only for analysing the security of an already deployed APEX application, but when developing large APEX applications.” – www.apexninjas.com

“Recx is in another league when it comes to APEX security, what I learned blew my mind, ecstatic to be partnering with them!” – APEX Freelancer

“We would like to recognise and thank Recx Ltd. for the use of their ApexSec analysis engine, which has been used to improve the security of Oracle Application Express 4.1.” – Oracle

At Recx we recognise that securing web applications can be difficult and time consuming. The best way is to identify and fix security exposures during the development process rather than at the end in the run up to go-live. Our ApexSec engine is available in a range of different clients (both desktop and online) to allow you to integrate security testing into your development process.

Our ApexSec powered solutions can also be used to provide high-level oversight of the security for APEX environments. Security managers and operations teams can monitor the security of groups of applications and receive alerts when the security stance of an APEX application changes. ApexSec allows you to integrate our world leading Oracle Application Express security knowledge and expertise directly into your development team.

At Recx we’re confident in our software and research. Get in touch with us to discuss your applications and security requirements and we’ll put together a custom quote to meet your needs.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange your trial of ApexSec.