ApexSec Latest Release

The latest release of ApexSec is 3.1.22, the following features and fixes have been implemented;

  • New APEX 5.1 compatibility to allow scanning of 5.1 APEX applications
  • New improved error handling for APEX 5.0 and APEX 5.1 when accessing APEX Builder
  • New detection of Cross-Site Scripting problems in APEX error messages
  • Fix to correctly identify function/procedure lookups where function contains default values
  • Fix to ignore built-in fuctions when performing code lookup via APEX builder improving speed
  • Fix to prevent thread locking and slow down when accessing application through APEX builder
  • Fix to improve Oracle 12c compatibility for create table and package syntax
  • Fix to prevent ‘HIDDEN’ APEX columns erroneously appearing in Cross-Site Scripting Checks
  • Fix to increase Timeout on HTTP requests to allow slow servers to respond
  • Fix incorrect highlighting of issues for ‘Direct URL’ plugin in SELECT statement
  • Fix spurious highlighting problem in APEX Interactive Report queries
  • Fix for occational application crash when analysing from APEX Builder
  • Fix for ‘File Handling’ plugin where only the first issue was highlighted
  • Fix for occasional endless loop when analysing ZIP file contents
  • Fix for Mac OS where renamed project file causes crash
  • Fix to ensure dbms.assert.encode_literal passes all SQL injection detection
  • Fix for crash when web server does not return all expected headers