ApexSec 3 Release Information

Version 3 of ApexSec brings major enhancements to the vulnerability detection process. We’ve also taken on board the great feedback from our supported customers, and the comments we’ve had from our training and one-on-one sessions.

Major changes:

  • Refined APEX builder integration displaying only the required settings/code that require attention
  • Major performance improvements through redesign of internal model and task threading allowing even large (30Mb+) applications to be scanned in seconds.
  • Over 40 new security checks added.
  • Improved reporting accuracy through in-depth processing of PL/SQL, HTML and Javascript.
  • Enhanced detection routines for SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
  • Redesigned summary reporting to allow at-a-glance understanding of security risk.
  • Improved database interaction allowing you to use an account with lower privileges.
  • New specific checks for Apex 4.2+ features.
  • Compatible with all versions of APEX from 3.0 onwards

Below is a demonstration of the new user interface and features: